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Technical seminar for AWRERI and CMIE

Updated on 21 October, 2017

A technical seminar for AWR Environmental Research Institute (AWRERI) and China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Institute (CMIE) Co. Ltd.-East China Branch, was held on 21st October 2017 in Nanjing, China. Prof. Xiaochang Wang, Director of AWRERI, Prof. David Garman, International Academic Advisor of AWRERI, IWA Past President and CTO of The Water Council, Dr. Qionghua Zhang, Vice Director of AWRERI, and the senior leaders and engineers from CMIE-East China Branch attended the technical seminar.


At the seminar

Prof. Garman and Prof. Wang delivered keynote presentations on the themes "Clean Water-Challenges, Research and Technology" and "Urban Water System Design following the concept of Water Cycle Management - Case of Yixing". The presentations introduced the technology for sponge cities construction and water purification, and the application of the concept of water cycle management to water system design, respectively. The attendees showed a keen interest in the keynote presentations and carried out open discussions on research and technologies for sponge cities and wastewater treatment.   

Address by Prof. David Garman

Address by Prof. Xiaochang Wang


Besides, Prof. Garman and Prof. Wang attended a technical forum with JSTI Group on 20th October 2017 in Nanjing, China where they also delivered keynote presentations that generated broad interest and stimulated wide-ranging discussions.